Cartoon Network should change, to be honest. I goofed off with the bumpers and made drastic schedule changes, but another drastic change will have to be it's website.

It's unbelievable how many fans are on Twitter and Facebook, along with other social networking websites that love Cartoon Network. From classics like Looney Tunes to Cartoon Cartoons like Powerpuff Girls and even today's standards including Regular Show. But Cartoon Network doesn't even bother with most of this stuff. Social Networking will be a big change in it's website and there will be 20px-Facebook-icon.png, 20px-ITunes-icon.png, 20px-Google-plus-icon.png, 20px-Tumblr-icon.png, 20px-Twitter-icon.png and 20px-120px-Youtube-icon.png in the top navigation.

Speaking of top navigation, there will be GAMES, SHOWS, VIDEOS (which will link to Youtube), BLOG, SCHEDULE and SHOP (redone). Shows will follow underneath, Cartoon Network accounts will still be in play and your content will be there too.

The navigation on the top will be the same. GAMES will be first after the logo. There will be over 500 games with over 5000 badges (8 badges for game; rest for milestones and other achievements). SHOWS will cover most of Cartoon Network's shows and all that are on the schedule. VIDEOS will now link to Youtube. There will be over 5000 videos on Youtube and each day, another 10 get added. SCHEDULE will also be there too.

The BLOG section will be before the SCHEDULE section. Blogs are a new site aspect that will have the popular:

10 Facts You May Not Know - about a character in a television show.
Account Advantages - advantages including games, sneak peaks and new advantages.
Coming Soon - new schedule changes, shows, site updates etc. coming soon.
Easter Eggs - things you may have not seen or known in an episode of a show.
Free Coupon - click here for a free coupon for the shop.
Free Points - click here for some free points.
High Score Challenge - a high score that is posted and you are challenged to beat.

  • Member of the Week - a random member gets selected and featured weekly.

.gifs - best clippings from a show that you can share on your profile.
Q/A - questions and answers of a creator/artist/writer of a show.
Reminders - reminders of new episodes, shop sales, schedule changes etc.
Twitter Feed - seeing the network, character and show twitter feeds through the right side or in posts.
What's New? - what's new on the website and new episodes of shows.

SHOP gets redone. The shop is stocked. There will be over 2500 items. Buying episodes will link to iTunes. Each episode will count as an item. Clocks, keychains, mousepads, twitter handle shirts, lego sets, video games, calendars, figurines, dishes, cups, noods, postcards, plush toys, pillows, shirts, pants, hoodies, caps, episodes, title card posters, iPhone cases, iPad cases, autographs, portraits, paintings and bobbleheads will all be in the shop!

Plus, there's also a perks program in the shop. Spend more than $100 in a calendar quarter and you'll get a free $10 coupon for the next quarter. If you spend more than $200 in a calendar quarter and you'll get a free $25 coupon for the next quarter.

There's also the Cartoon Network app too, where you can play games and watch shows (just about every big show in Cartoon Network, from Sheep in the Big City to Star Wars, Chowder, Flapjack, Total Drama, Dexter's Lab, Looney Tunes and Time Squad). There will be exclusive games to the app (you can buy some too!) and games that are also on the website. Plus, the DNA Center will be returning and you can buy hints and there's over 1000 characters to try to mix and match.

Now, if you get a Cartoon Network account, two more navigation areas will be unlocked. A more organized FORUMS, where you can chat about each show, vote for your .com pick and even give feedback. It will be moderated, but advertised more. A TELEVISION section will also be unlocked, where you can watch live television from your computer. Of course, this is free and no monthly fees are involved.

Cartoon Network accounts will still exist with the update, but it will start a massive amount of changes and advantages. It will unlock the FORUMS and TELEVISION sections.

For an even better experience, accounts will unlock 25 bonus games not playable before without an account and for each hundredth account, a prize will be given out. You will get at least ten badges for each new game and there will be a hundred badges worth of achievements. You can also unlock Cartoon Network badges by buying them for $1.00 each.

There are even more game features, not relatable to badges and unlockables. Currently, only Cartoon Network TKO has a multiplayer feature, but with a Cartoon Network account, you can verse your friends in a game. Invitations will be sent through a notification on the bottom of the game controls. What's even better is that you can chat with your friends while the game, with the swear filter on.

Plus, you can now friend Cartoon Network characters. They will be making blogs, as said earlier and will play games and their Twitter feeds will be shown on their profile. They, of course, are a robot just playing games.

MixIT, is for non-Cartoon Network accounts, but you can only play around and mix clips from one show (Adventure Time). For Cartoon Network accounts, you can mix up to ten shows of your choice. If you want to get more, you will have to pay a $1.00 fee for however many more shows you want. You cannot replace any shows you picked, unless they get removed.

Caption Crunch, is a new game for the Cartoon Network account. Using tumblr or blog .gifs, you can post your own captions for your favorite captions and vote your favorites up. You can post an endless amount of captions! For people without an account, you can only play around and mix clips from one show (Regular Show). For Cartoon Network accounts, you can mix up to ten shows of your choice. If you want to get more, you will have to pay a $1.00 fee for however many more shows you want. You cannot replace any shows you picked, unless they get removed.

Cartoon Network Accounts will also give you five minute sneak peaks of new episodes of new shows. Each week, you can pick one new episode of a show to get a sneak peak and you get a badge if you watch it.

You are able to make friends with the accounts and you can compare scores, post statuses and have your exclusive avatar to brag and show off. Badge leaderboards will be seen in your profile and you can compare yourself to everyone in the world, country, state or your friends for a week, month, yearly or indefinite time. Plus, you can also get a Cartoon Network twitter feed on your profile.

There are also drives and collections ( where you can go get points for your account and you level up, by watching videos, playing games etc. Maybe you play a game for Adventure Time, watch an Adventure Time clip and read a blog about Adventure Time. You do the drive. You will unlock DNA and avatars along the way and you can use some points for coupons for the shop.

This will make Cartoon Network accounts go the extra mile and make more people want to sign up and join!

There are tons of Cartoon Network fans in the world and with social networking, as seen next to the navigation, you can now socialize with others and check out the network's account too. Through the website, you can chat with your Cartoon Network profile friends or eMail and share links with others.

20px-Facebook-icon.png: Will post pictures of new episodes and also keep you updated with show ratings and page likes. Each show will have a page.

20px-ITunes-icon.png: Will be partnered with the shop and will have most of the network's shows avaliable for download.

20px-Google-plus-icon.png: Will partner shows together and join groups for discussion about them.

20px-Tumblr-icon.png: Will post pictures of any show.

20px-Twitter-icon.png: Will post statuses of the shows airing up to the minute and will also post breaking news, updates and coming soon. Several characters will have a page followed by Cartoon Network and will be streamable on your Cartoon Network profile.

20px-120px-Youtube-icon.png: Will be partnered with the site and will be getting ten new videos daily for watchable purposes.